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The Grant committee chose again to help local Community Spaces with a special grant to help them with their ongoing costs during the difficult Covid-19 pandemic.

With all community spaces closed and therefore unable to generate income to cover their bills, grants of £1000 were awarded to the spaces below. We also asked what a difference the grant would make to them.

In addition to the grants given to the Community Spaces below, £1000 was also awarded to Lyneham Scouts and £1000 to Girl Guiding Lyneham to help them to pay their subscriptions. 




Lyneham Village Hall

This grant will enable us to keep afloat and pay for heating and other essential costs during this pandemic while we are sadly closed. lt will be much appreciated. Thank you. lts an extremely generous and kind donation.

St Michael’s Church Hall

We are so grateful for the BSPCBF grant towards the ongoing running costs of our Church Hall here in Lyneham as, although the hall is closed due of COVID, we still have to pay insurance, gas and electricity etc.

Lyneham Methodist Church Hall

The receipt of a grant of this nature would allow us to renovate the hall and kitchen area which is overdue and has been delayed for the past 10 months due to the coronavirus pandemic which has meant that income for this purpose from hall hire, has effectively dried up and other income which might have been used has also diminished. Renovation of the hall in the shape of re-painting and new fixtures such as curtains and the replacement of aging and slightly dilapidated chairs could be achieved along with making the hall and kitchen, covid safe areas. Overall, these improvements would make the hall much more attractive and user friendly for the community.

Bradenstoke Village Hall

This last year has been such a tough time for everyone, near and far. It is our hope, as Trustees, that when things slowly return to normal we will be able to offer a welcoming community space for the village to meetup and enjoy together. We've made significant changes over the last few months to make the space more comfortable – hot water, new doors, new taps, and a new heating system. So this grant will help enormously with the continued effort to get the Village Hall back to where it belongs! It will also help bridge the gap caused by our dear 450 Club having to finish, which has been a substantial income for our Hall. Thanks very much for considering us.

Lyneham Scout and Guide Hut

The grant will help greatly with the maintenance of our building whilst our groups are unable to meet face to face and therefore not paying rent.

Hilmarton Church Hall

Many regular activities take place catering for all ages in the community.

The most high-profile activity is the Community Cinema which before COVID was

Showing 10 major films a year to an audience of up to 75 people.

There is also a regular Gardening Club, non-ice curling and regular soup lunches and coffee mornings.

The grant will help us maintain the hall until such time as it is safe and permissible to restart the activities.

Hilmarton Community Hall

With the loss of income from regular hirers of the Community Room, this grant will enable us to continue to pay our regular bills to ensure the meeting room is still available for when things return to some normality. 

Goatacre Cricket Club

As we move through the pandemic, our income has fallen tremendously as one by one major fundraising activities are cancelled. We managed in 2020 due to incredibly kind grant support, donations, appeals and online fundraisers, but will not be able to find so much help this year.

This offer from BSF is very welcome, we have plans to not just survive, but come out of this stronger by improving facilities and attracting more members, both playing and non playing.

Thank you to the BSF Committee.

Goatacre Village Hall

During the pandemic lockdowns and periods of restriction, we have aimed at the Goatacre Village Hall to support our furloughed staff and prepare (where necessary) the Village Hall for it’s (whenever it comes) reopening.  This grant would help us in the objective and ensure we are ready and able to resume our charitable activities when it is safe to do so.

Christian Malford Village Hall

Christian Malford Village hall is available to hire for a wide range of activities, with facilities including stage, Projector with sound system and a fully equipped kitchen.

As well as regular users of the hall such as clubs and sports events, the hall can be used for children’s parties, wedding receptions and lunches.

As the hall has been closed for almost a year we have lost significant bookings revenue that would normally be used to maintain the elderly Village hall building and grounds. A grant will help us to keep the hall clean and secure during this period of closure so that when possible, we will be ready to start taking bookings again.

Christian Malford Church Hall

Due to a significant loss of congregational provided income this grant will be reserved to fund minor maintenance works which for an 800 year old building are ever prevalent.

Foxham Reading Room & Village Hall

It is very important to keep a Village Hall alive and ready to welcome the community back once this Pandemic allows.  We are a very united and sociable village and can’t wait to meet up again.  Thank you for your help enabling us to be able to do so.

Bremhill Village Hall

Our hall requires a lot of community fundraising just to stay open, obviously we cannot do this now and we have to dig into our reserves to pay for all the safety checks, registrations, licenses and insurances let alone frost protection heating costs and general maintenance.
The Covid Relief Fund payment allows us to continue to function as a public building without building up debit.

Tytherton Village Hall

 Tytherton Village Hall has been forced to cancel three major events and all routine bar openings during the second wave of the pandemic. Whilst the main concern has been the loss of social interaction and community spirit, it has also meant a significant loss of income. The additional funding from the Bradenstoke Solar Park Community Fund has been a very significant benefit to contribute to ongoing fixed costs of the hall

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