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Bremhill Parish History Project

Two Year Project to create a parish history

Bremhill has been impacted by the major forces of British history – such as the Romans, the feudal system, church reformation, disease, poverty, canals, railways, wars and changing patterns of agriculture and employment. Looking at the past from the perspective of ordinary people will bring it to life, making it easier for people to learn about heritage and increasing their sense of belonging. The Group already has the active interest of 20% of the local residents, and has planned a wide-ranging community engagement programme, culminating in the inaugural Bremhill History Festival with talks, walks, reconstructions, and other social events. We will be supported by professional historians to train our volunteers, to guide the research, and to help produce the legacy of a definitive and lasting historical record. This material will be made widely available to the community, and to the 10,000 people who visit the parish each year, in a variety of accessible forms including a book, a website, a digital archive, a series of local walk and cycle ride apps and leaflets, exhibitions and resources for local schools and other groups.

Date of Grant

2019 for 2 years

Total Project Cost


Amount of Grant


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